The world's most environmentally intelligent water treatment
Sounds like we brag? Yes we do, just a little. We have developed technology that is among the world's most energy-efficient water treatment equipment.
Environmentally intelligent water treatment is a concept that helps our customers investigate their water problems and save money and the environment through lower operating and energy costs while maintaining or increasing the quality of water purification in the various stages before being released into the recipient.

We have the solutions for the tougher emission requirements
Eden Aquatech AB is a Swedish environmental company that develops and manufactures water treatment technologies. We have more than 20 years of experience in polluted aquatic environments and today we have more than 200 installations running in Scandinavia, in landfills, process industries, lake restorations, fish farms, etc. Our goal is to deliver as energy efficient and environmentally friendly products as possible, based on all the tough emissions requirements for different types of water.

Save up to 60% of energy consumption
We have created a modern system that can help you save up to 60% of your energy consumption. We also provide remote control and remote control of the facilities through Remote Management with the ability to save even more energy. Operating changes and energy consumption can be tracked and documented while the plant can be controlled for optimal operation. With the help of, for example, an O2 meter connected to the machine, the speed of the motor can be automatically adjusted as needed in real time, so no more energy is consumed than absolutely necessary.

Clear quotation
In each quote we report energy consumption, service and total life cycle cost (LCC). This way we are always clear about how long it takes to save the investment cost, and if it is possible with the existing equipment's energy consumption as a reference point. We also report several options where a balance between investment and LCC is varied to find the best option.

We need to receive a current analysis report to enable a thorough review of the water problems and to return a recommendation of which treatment technology best solves the current water problems while reducing operating costs for the plant.

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