energy effective leachate treatment SINCE 1996



AirTURBO™ in NCC´s remedation project In a remedation project at the former Bohus yards, heavily polluted water was purified before being discharged into the Göta river. Since the drinking water supply of Gothenburg is located downstream to the remedation area, there were very high standards of the treated water.


We installed four AirTURBO™ for Karlstad Energi's leachate in Djupdalen 2005, since the installation of the aerators SWECO has been taken sample every month.


Three AirTURBO™ were installed in their ashpaddingpond during spring 2002 due to problems with smell from (sulfide formation). The ponds size are 4 hectares with a depths of 3-4 m (150000m3).



Eden Aquatech develops and manufacture equipment for aeration and nitrogen purge with focus on energy efficiency. We complement our product portfolio with equipment for sludge separation and flotation from our partners BIO AQUA in Denmark. Besides these products we also offer consulting services within the water treatment process. 
We are specialised in leachate and have more than 200 installations operating in Sweden and Norway.

With the unique IE5-certified MGE-motor you are able to save up to 50% of your energy cost compared to other aerators. With en energy saving of 30%, the net savings of the energy cost if €0,1/kWh one aerator pays off in 10,7 years, or pays 73% of a normal yearly service cost.

Our aerators and bio reactors are the most energy efficient in the market and can be monitored and controlled via IoT. It is also possible to connect sensors to the IoT-control, eg oxygen meter, to make the installation even more energy efficient.