Below you will find information about a few of our installations. Pleasecontact us if you wish to speek with any of our references and we will provide information!

AirTurbo in NCC´s remedation project
In a remedation project at the former Bohus yards, heavily polluted water was purified before being discharged into the Göta river. Since the drinking water supply of Gothenburg is located downstream to the remedation area, there were very high standards of the treated water.

Aeration in the pond with AirTurbo was an important step before the water was pumped to the subsequent purification steps.

Karlstads Energi AB (Landfill)
Installed four Airturbo 101 for their leachate in Djupdalen 2005, since the installation of the aerators
SWECO has been taken sample every month. The oxygenlevel during the testperiod was between 5,4 and 9,2 mg/l. Flowrating between 2049-23640 m3/month, ammoniacal 49-130 mg/l. The results show that the aerators keeps an satisfying oxygenlevel despite a very reduced water. Calculation of the oxidation of BOD7 and oxidation to nitrate shows that the three aerators have produced at least 160 gO2/h and aerator.

SCA Graphic Sundsvall AB, Ortviken
Three airturbo 101 were installed in their ashpaddingpond during spring 2002 due to problems with smell (sulfide formation). The ponds size are 4 hectares with a depths of 3-4 m (150000m3). A report from SWECO VIAK shows that the oxygenreduction in the water is 7 mg/l and hour. Rough estimates shows that the aerators produces 350 gO2/h and aerator only to keep a 0-level and significantly more to be able to improve the environment – wich in fact is the case.

15 years in the industry

Our aerators has been on the market for several years.

Our customers are among others municipalities, sanitation companies, fish farms etc.

We have competens in the company to development, manufactoring, analysis and assessments.


Pictures from the installations:

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