HolKof ™ Bioreactor is designed for effective aerobic and anaerobic decomposition of organic matter (BOD), reduction of nitrogen compounds, oxidation of redox metals, and precipitation of phosphate. The design allows the reactor to also be used to remove chlorate, for example. HolKof ™ - The bioreactor's design and capacity can be designed according to the customer's wishes and needs. In standard version, the bioreactor has 4m3 biofilm carrier that provides over 1200m2 of active surface, in developed biofilm. The capacity of the biofilm is 27 kg BOD5 and 1.2 kg NH4 per day at 25 ° C.

HolKof ™ Bioreactor can be used for purification of contaminated water such as leachate, sewage, process water and stormwater, as well as for the restoration of eutrophilized streams and ponds.

Advantages of HolKof ™ Bioreactor against other systems are:

  • The flow is controlled and provides a controllable circulation (stirring).
  • Mobile, energy efficient, compact (space-saving), easy-to-use, reliable.
  • Can be customized for specific environments and offers a combination of aerobic and anaerobic cleansing.
  • Provides a better control of purification and energy use.
  • The system is compact and relatively easy to handle.
  • The reactor is cost-effective compared to, for example, an SBR reactor in small and medium-sized plants and is likely to compete in large plants as well.
  • The reactor allows landowners and other stakeholders to cope with the government's tougher requirements for purification, especially the nitrogen problem. Today, only a few landfills meet the restrictions of the authorities