Turbine technology that we have developed in recent times has an extremely high air flow into the water, 14.5 l / s with 3.0 kW motor. The spread of oxygen is also good as you can see in the pictures above.

Airturbo RV2 can be installed in several different steps in the purification process. It can for example be placed in the last basin in a stabilization system for final treatment before the wastewater is discharged into the environment. It can also be placed in the first basin to boost the aeration process. After careful calculation of capacity needs can Airturbo RV2 help aerobes attack and dissolve the solids which have fallen to the bottom of the first tank. Such measures can delay, or in best cases, eliminate the need for dredging in the basin.

Airturbo RV2 also works well in systems where wastewater is treated close to where it skapas.Tex large septic tanks and biofilters. Other examples of applications include drainage, lakes, stormwater, wastewater and others.

Airturbo RV2 is cost effective and very efficient in the tertiary treatment system where the water is released into the environmentally sensitive ecosystems. Such water must sometimes chemically disinfected before being discharged into a stream or in a grundvattenzon for agricultural purposes. Thanks to its unique design, can Airturbo RV2, like other Airturbo models, fitted with a special device which is connected to gas or anna additive container. The addition will be sucked down by the vacuum turbine creates and spread out in the water along with the atmospheric air